It is Time…

Good Morning Maria, We're in Austin visiting your auntie Casey and uncle Aaron. We are here to meet their baby Ella. I am currently sitting at the kitchen table writing this post and doing some work as well. Although mainly writing now. I am taking the chance now while everyone is sleeping to let you... Continue Reading →


Checking In: LAPD Update

Dearest Maria Olivia, It's a Monday in early October and I still have not heard anything about the LAPD. Its been over 2 years and 3 months since I started the process and I must say that although, I have not been stressed about the timeline to becoming a police officer, I have been invested... Continue Reading →

Your dad, the DREAMer

Hello Maria Olivia, So much is going on in our country right now. Family, friends and people from all over are being affected by disasters, both natural and man-made. In this post we will focus on the man-mad disasters and sprinkle a little of family history in the late as well. The president of this... Continue Reading →

Courage Across State Lines

Maria Olivia, Let's start with this statement: How can I ever teach you about courage if I didn't have any of it during this new journey I find myself in the midst of. Here we are, Aug 2017 and I still haven't heard anything from LAPD about a job. I've been in the process since... Continue Reading →

Fathers Day in Keewaydin

Hola Maria Olivia, We are home after an amazing trip to Naples for fathers Day. We arrived on Friday morning and stayed till Tuesday. It was an event filled vacation. While there you, mommy, grandma and auntie Tina drive a few hours north to a baby shower being thrown for auntie Casey. You, my love,... Continue Reading →

Up The Mountain We Go!

Hola Maria Olivia, Your mother and I took you camping over the weekend. We went to Henninger Flats in Altadena, CA. Its a part of the Eaton Canyon trails, except for this one, you go up the mountain at the bridge. We were told it was about 2.6 miles from the gate to the visitor... Continue Reading →


My Dearest Maria Olivia, This past weekend we had a magical experience and it wasn't just because we visited Disney World. It was because we got to spent time with amazing friends and family. The parts of this story that I have to tell you about first, are those that lead up to the magical... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe

Maria Olivia, This post is as much for you as it is for your mommy. This past weekend was a very full one and challenging. You spent Saturday with Abuelita, dad went to spend time with all your uncles and mom worked. Sunday started out great, we had a morning hike with your tio and... Continue Reading →

Wisdom #1

Good Morning Maria Olivia, I wanted to start something new here, its a series of posts titled 'Wisdom.' My attempt here is pass on to you wisdom, not knowledge. What does daddy mean by that? Well, its simply. Knowledge is acquired by the gathering of facts and ideas through our own research, investigation and experience.... Continue Reading →

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